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12 December 2018


There was a burglary reported in Winteringham yesterday. Whilst we do not want to concern residents, we would like to remind everyone of some basic home security measures which can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary:

1.  Keep doors and windows locked even when you are in your house. Insecurities account for a third of all dwelling burglary.

2.  The most likely entry point for a burglar is via the rear so do not neglect security there.

3.  Do not leave portable valuables on display within reach from a window i.e. laptop left on the kitchen side – window smashed, laptop grabbed, 3 seconds.

4.  Ensure your car is locked and there are no valuables on display in it, particularly overnight.

5.  Fit an alarm or a dummy alarm box. Many people point out that when an alarm sounds nobody takes any notice these days. The burglar will though.

6.  Install a security light which works on a movement sensor to light up areas which a burglar may use for cover.

7.  Use timer switches to turn lights on when you are not in.

8.  Fit trellis along the top of fencing at the rear as this will break if a burglar tries to climb over your fence. Spiky / prickly bushes and climbers are also a deterrent.

9.  Ensure any gates at the rear are locked, not just with a bolt near the top which can be opened by reaching over.

10. Consider fitting a safe – not in the wardrobe which is too obvious but in the floor under a rug or behind a picture on the wall.

11. Thieves do not want to be seen and the best surveillance is often provided by neighbours who live opposite or who overlook your property. Do not allow bushes and hedges to grow too high.

12. Keep makes, models and serial numbers of all valuables especially IT and register them on

13. Consider the security on your shed. Is it proportionate to the value of items you keep inside such as cycles and garden equipment? e.g. an expensive cycle stored in a wooden shed with only a £2.50 padlock for security. It is also worth noting that a burglar will sometimes use an item which is easily taken from a poorly secured shed to facilitate their entry into a house.

14. Do not leave your car keys in clear view and close to the front door. Even consider taking them upstairs with you when you go to bed. Some burglars use a fishing rod through your letterbox to take the keys if they can see them within reach.

15. Report all suspicious circumstances. Door-to-door salesman appertaining to be selling energy or double-glazing are often checking out and planning future burglaries or even trying their luck there and then if they get no reply to knocking. In rural communities, local residents know when someone or something looks out of place far more than in urban areas.

If you see any suspicious activity then please call 999 if you believe a crime is about to be committed or 101 if you noted suspicious activity which has now passed. If you are able to get descriptions of persons or vehicle details without putting yourself in any danger, then that would be valuable information.

Many thanks for your continued support.

15 September 2018


North Lincolnshire: Warning over phone scam - Beware!


Scammers are targeting people in North Lincolnshire – attempting to trick them into handing over their cash and hard earned savings.


Detective Constable Mark Davey said: “We have received reports from a number of people who say they have had phone calls from people posing as police officers working with the fraud squad.


“They claim that they are investigating an employee at the victim’s bank following allegations of fraud and that in order to secure their money they need to move it to a ‘safe account’.  “However, this is a scam designed to trick people into moving their money into the caller’s account, where it is then stolen by the scammer.


“They also often warn their victims not to tell family and friends, as this may ‘blow the operation’.


“In the cold light of day, it may seem obvious that there’s something not quite right about the call and that it’s clearly a con.  “However, often the calls seem very convincing. The callers appear to know a lot about their intended victims, including details such as their full name, date of birth and home address and put their victims under pressure, claiming unless they take action today they could lose all their money.”


If you or someone you know have been called be someone asking you to move your money or pay for a service you’ve not sought out, politely end it as quickly as you can.

11 September 2018

Neighbourhood Watch has received the following notice from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team:

ITUNES SCAM - When you open the invoice they show you a supposed bill for an I tunes product in US dollars for something you never ordered ( Apple ) On the bottom of the invoice is an " I Tunes Payment cancellation form " . This is the real scam because as well as your I tunes ID , password etc they ask for your banking details the Apple page is in fact "dead" . Reported to Apple verbally and sent to Apple via E mail shown .

Telephone Internet Scam - caller states if payment is not made immediately internet and other services may be cut off due to payment error.

Both these scams have been forwarded to the council Trading Standards Team please make all group members aware and as always advise payment are not made over the phone or email  when they have contacted you unexpectedly and advise you will contact the company direct.

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